Writing and technology have been passions of mine since elementary school. Months after winning a county-wide essay competition in the 5th grade, I announced on the elementary graduation stage my dream job: Geek Squad member. Years later, with actual IT experience under my belt and a Creative Writing degree near completion, college exposed me to the joys of being an educator. Today, I’m a first-gen college graduate exploring the intersection of technology, writing, and education.

My 5 Strengths

from Clifton StrengthsFinder

The Strength, An Example, An Associated Role of Mine

Restorative (Problem Solver) – Do research on and troubleshoot problems

IT Technician

Harmony (Consensus Seeker)– Finding verbal and non-verbal agreement amongst others

Meeting Summarizer

Consistency (Expectation Seeker) – Recognize and then improve upon or fix patterns

Canned Course Editor and Creator

Adaptability (Adaptable) – Bend with multi-departmental expectations

Part of Three Departments: CDVL, ITS, and Graduate Programs

Relator (Relationship Builder) – Develop mutually beneficial working relationships

Communicator of Grad Programs’ Tech Needs

This Portfolio

“Show, not tell.” That’s what this portfolio about. By displaying some of my best work, this portfolio will show the passions I talked about in my “About Me.”